Umpiring Juniors

Umpiring is a great way to give back to the sport that you love.  There are many other benefits:


  • Develop Life Skills – Umpiring develops skills that can be used for life: communication, resilience and leadership just to name a few!
  • Be Connected – Umpiring is a great way to make friends for life and be an integral part of the vibrant netball community.
  • Be Respected – Umpires provide the opportunity for everyone to play the game in a safe, fair and enjoyable environment.
  • Be Energised – Umpiring lets you experience the thrill of the game and keeps you fit

At Roseville Netball Club we foster an environment where girls want to learn how to be great umpires

Junior Levelling – How it works

Just like netball you have to train to become an umpire.  If you are new to umpiring then the club will help you obtain your JL3 badge by supporting you in your first few games with feedback from an experienced umpire that acts as a mentor.

Prior to obtaining your National C badge, NSNA have a great district program where you can earn Junior levels.  Your level determines what games you can umpire:

Junior Level How to Obtain Grades you can umpire
JL3 Must be turning 12 this year or older
70% or above pass rate in the Rules of Theory exam completed online through your mynetball login
Attend the Red Robin Umpires Clinic
Be examined by NSNA on a Friday evening
10s – all grades
11s – B grade and below
12s – C grade and below
JL2 You don’t have to be a JL3 prior to getting your JL2 – it is possible to go straight to this level.
To obtain you will need to complete the same exams as JL3 however when you are being examined by
NSNA they will have more criteria to pass you.
10s – all grades
11s – all grades
12s – B grade and below
13s – B grade and below
14s – C grade and below
15s – C grade and below
JL1 As above for JL2. 10s – all grades
11s – all grades
12s – all grades
13s – all grades
14s – all grades
15s – all grades

Umpiring is rewarding in more ways than 1!

Umpiring is a rewarding and sometimes challenging task. At RNC we pay our levelled umpires to umpire and mentor other umpires working their way up through the levels.

If you are ready to take on the rewarding challenge of being an umpire then all you need to is start learning.

Refer to NSNA website for NSNA 2021 umpiring handbook due to be released soon


Sit the Rules of Theory Exam Now!

The Rules of Netball Theory Examination tests the basic rules of the game.

It is an online examination that is accessible all year. A certificate is generated for all candidates who achieve a pass (70% or above). The most recent examination mark is the current result and Pass marks are valid for 4 years.

It is highly recommended that prior to commencing this exam you read a copy of the Rules of Netball (2020).  The Rules of Netball is also available for purchase here.

Take your Netball Theory Exam Today!

To take your netball theory exam please go to Netball Australia’s Netball Learning system at You will need to log in, then scroll down the page to find the Rules of Netball Exam under Recommended Courses.
If this is your first time taking an official netball exam or course, you will need to create an account first.
If you have previously taken a netball exam or course on the mynetball system, this system has now been replaced and your previous learning profile is now available on the new Netball Learning system. Follow the instructions to create a password for the new system using your mynetball user-id or email address.

NSNA Red Robin Clinic

NSNA offer a great introductory umpiring course prior to the start of the season, the Red Robin Clinic, which new / unlevelled umpires should attend. Registration is required, refer to the NSNA website at

Register to be a Roseville Netball Club Umpire

To umpire for Roseville this season please register here

For further information, please contact the Umpire

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