Umpiring NetSetGo

Can I be a NetSetGo Umpire?

NetSetGo umpiring is a fabulous opportunity to help girls form a love of sport, understand how to play in a team environment and teach them good sportsmanship.  If you have a keen desire to want the girls to love sport then please consider umpiring for your child’s team.

Tips for being a successful umpire

In NetSetGo umpiring not just about enforcing the rules and blowing your whistle, it’s about fostering an environment where the girls start to love the game.  As an umpire you can encourage the netballers by:

  • Use simple language and explain decisions  
  • Umpire according to the skill level of the players
  • Adopt the role of the teacher/umpire rather than a rule enforcer  
  • Adopt an encouraging manner to ensure the game is free flowing – this may mean letting infringements go so long as you do the same for both sides
  • Use common sense to ensure the ‘spirit of the game’ for children is not lost by overcalling the game  
  • Net Set Go umpires will find they spend the majority of the game on the court with players.

Learn the NetSetGo Rules

The rules of NetSetGo differ from Junior and Senior games.  They recognise that children are not mini adults and helps them learn at a pace that’s right for their age and ability.

Learn the Modified NetSetGo rules here

For further information, please contact the Umpire

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