Should I ‘play up’?

Netball divides players into their age group based on the age you are on 31st Dec.  If you are 10 on 31st Dec 2023 then you play in the 10s for the 2023 season.  RNC teams are formed on this basis. 

In past years It can be tricky when some girls have played NSG for a few years and are turning 9 in Year 4.  Some Year 4 players do ‘play up’ and start Juniors in year 4 even though they turn 10 the following year.  It is often the case these girls play in the 10s again the following year.   

However due to shortened seasons in 2020 and 2021, if you child is turning 9 and is in Year 4, another season in NSG may be the right option.   

There does need to be some flexibility by the players as to which age group they are placed in.  Selectors are best placed to recommend the optimum solution to numbers in an age group and the best player(s) to move to balance teams. (Note this is often not an A graded player). 

Hear from one of our RNC players that did just that.  Please see attachment for the interview for what it was like to play in the 10 s twice. 

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