Hello Roseville Netballers! Registration is now open for players to join Roseville Netball Club for the Winter Netball Competition.









New to netball?

A special welcome to new players to the game of netball. We invite you to register for your appropriate Age division. For our youngest players NetSetGO provides a modified game which is lots of fun and perfect for beginners. We look forward to welcoming your children as they start their netball journey. 

Roseville Netball Club (RNC) plays in the Northern Suburbs Netball Association’s Winter competition which runs from April – September. The competition has 14 rounds and an additional 3 weeks of qualifying finals for Juniors and Seniors and a Gala day for NetSetGO.

For season dates head to our calendar 

The easiest way to receive club communications, is through our closed Facebook group for registered players. Once registered please follow this link to request access.

Which Registration is right for you?

Woolworths NetSetGO

Woolworths NetSetGO

  • Female AND male players aged 7 to 9 years 
  • Games on Sunday mornings from 9am 
  • Training is at two locations: either Wednesday 3.30pm at Roseville Public School or Thursday 8am at Castle Cove Public School 
  • Each team will need a coach, team manager and umpire (training provided) 
  • The Government Active Kids Rebate offered by the NSW Government can be used to offset the registration fee.  Get your voucher code here 
  • Cost – $311 


  • Female players who are 10 to 15 years 
  • Male players who are 10 to 12 years 
  • 10 – 12 years – Games Friday afternoons from 4:30pm 
  • 13 – 15 years (+12A) – Games Saturday mornings 
  • We train on Monday afternoons at Bicentennial Park Willoughby 
  • Qualified coaches and umpires provided 
  • The Government Active Kids Rebate offered by the NSW Government can be used to offset the registration fee.  Get your voucher code here 
  • Cost – $401 


  • Female players who are 16+ years 
  • Games are played Saturday afternoons  
  • Training is optional and we train at Bicentennial Park Willoughby on Mondays from 6pm 
  • Qualified coaches and umpires provided 
  • Cost – $384 
*Must be correct age by the 31st December in the year of play. Final day/time allocations for games are made once teams are graded by NSNA. Transaction Fees Apply. Once registrations close, we can only offer a partial refund for the cost of registration.

What do we wear?

We have introduced an inclusive netball uniform. You can order your uniform at Valour Sport. Roseville Valour Sport

Some tips:

  • You must order by early February to guarantee delivery before the season starts
  • If you order over $100 in items shipping is free. Perhaps pair up with friends to do a bulk order
  • Players can wear matching shorts, navy blue 7/8 tights or navy blue short tights during games. If you prefer tights over match shorts when you don’t have to order from Valour. You can get them anywhere
  • Some second hand uniforms may also be available

Active Kids Voucher

The $100 Active Kids Rebate offered by the NSW Government can be used to offset the registration fee. Please have your voucher ready prior to registering to enable you to apply the code at payment. Apply for Active Kids Online here

How to Register on Play HQ…

  1. Get your Active Kids Voucher number before you register.
  2. Choose the correct competition link
    1. Click the NetSetGO registration button below if for players aged 7-9 years old. (All players this age should register as NetSetGO, the Club will manually transfer those playing up into 10s)
    2. Click the NSNA registration button below for players aged 10 years and older
  3. Log in or register a new account to Play HQ.
  4. Registration Tabs
    1. Choose User: Choose the player you wish to register
    2. Choose Role: Choose “player” from the roles offered
    3. Participant Details: Enter the player details
    4. Fees: Accept T&C and proceed
    5. Payment & Summary: complete credit card details and add applicable voucher codes including the returning player discount code above. To use your active kids voucher click the link “I have a government voucher” and enter the active kids voucher code.
    6. Click Confirm Purchase. A receipt will be sent to your email confirming your purchase.
    7. You must register and pay for each player separately. Complete the steps for the first player and confirm the purchase. Start again for subsequent players.

Please contact Roseville Netball Club registrar at if you run into any problems. 

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