RNC Club Policy

Roseville Netball Club Policy For Playing Up – Managers Steps

When your team may be short a player and you need to bring one or more players up for a game, please follow these steps:

  1. Refer to the NSNA Playing Up Guidelines on our website.
    If still unsure please contact the Club Secretary to confirm what teams you are able to ask.
  2. Contact the Manager of the team that has eligible players and ask for their help in finding an eligible player/s. The Manager can then forward your request to the player/s or if on the match day you may need to directly ring the player/s parent/s to ask.
  3. Confirm a player and then inform their Team Manager.
  4. Team Managers are in charge of keeping a record of when any of their team has played up.  Once a player has played up twice, please notify them that they are not able to play up again (even if it is for a different team) for the season.

Please remember you can take the court with a minimum of 5 players but to make the game enjoyable for both teams you should always try to field at least 7 players.

Please remember that any player who takes the court for your team  must sign on at the official scorecard.  If they do not take the court then they should not sign on.

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