How to play

Northern Suburbs Net Set Go Competition Guidelines 2014


  • For players aged between 7 and 9 years old.
  • Games will be 4 quarters x 10 minutes.
  • Teams change ends at ½ time only.
  • Size 4 netball.
  • 8 ft posts.

Playing Information

  • Net Set Go Competition is for development of netball skills and as such, is non-competitive. Scores are kept for re-grading purposes only. No finals are played.
  • Players must rotate positions at the end of every quarter, and their positions must be recorded on the scoresheet.
  • Players should play in 3 different positions each game.
  • Players should play equally in all positions across the court throughout the season.
  • All players must play at least 2 quarters of every game (unless ill or injured).
  • One umpire controls the court. This is the umpire from the first team named on the draw.

Net Set Go Competition Rules

  • Time to pass the ball – players should be encouraged to pass the ball within 5 seconds.
  • Footwork – coaches encourage correct footwork at all times, however, shuffling on the spot to gain balance before passing is acceptable. There should be no forward or sidewards movement down or across the court.
  • Defending – One-on-one defence at all times. Shots for goal may be defended by one player defending from 1.2 metres.
  • Obstruction – the correct distance for defence in Net Set Go Competition is 1.2 metres.

Major infringements – obstruction / contact

A player who contacts or obstructs will not be stood out of play. The umpire will blow the whistle, stop play, explain the infringement and demonstrate the correct technique.

Centre Pass

The centre pass will alternate between the two teams.

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