The role of the parent

Each Junior team requires the following parent helpers:

  • Manager
  • Umpire co-ordinator

Umpire Coordinator
Each junior team is required to nominate an adult to be the umpire coordinator for their team. Ideally the umpire coordinator would have experience in umpiring.
The role of the umpire coordinator:

  • Check the umpire roster on this website.
  • Contact the rostered umpire during the week preceding the game to confirm their availability for Saturday.
  • If the umpire is not available, contact the umpire convenor, and request that the umpire also contacts the umpire convenor to suggest a substitute umpire.
  • On Saturday check that your umpire has signed on with NSNA administration prior to the game.
  • Ensure that the umpire is not harassed by players or spectators. If the umpire is experiencing difficulties during the game, the umpire coordinator should intervene on behalf of Roseville Netball Club and seek assistance from the NSNA Umpires Convenor as necessary.
  • Thank your umpire after the game.

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