NetSetGO Netball

For children aged 7 to 9 years old

Woolworths NetSetGO is Netball Australia’s entry level program. It gives children a positive introduction to netball, through skill-based activities, minor games, music, dance and modified matches.  The program is designed especially for children to transition into junior netball with confidence.

The program promotes a healthy, active lifestyle and helps children develop important social skills, like team work.  

Northern Suburbs Netball Association NetSetGo program caters for 7 – 9 year olds.  Games are played on Sundays between 9am – 12pm at Bicentennial Reserve 2 Small st, Willoughby

Roseville NetSetGo teams are not graded and players are placed into teams with a friend. The ideal NetSetGo team size is 8-10 players.

Each team will need a coach, team manager and umpire. This is organised by the parents.  Please reach out to the club if you require assistance.

The end of Season Gala Day is held at the courts at Small St, Willoughby.

Further information regarding NetSetGo can be obtained from the Suncorp NetSetGo website.

NetSetGo Coaches

NetSetGo Coaches

So you’ve decided to take on the NetSetGo coach role.  Congratulations and thank you! You are building lifelong skills for our NetSetGoers. Here are some tips for coaching NetSetGo:

  • NetSetGo games are played using modified rules however children should be taught the proper rules of Netball from the very beginning of their netball journey  
  • teaches fundamental motor skills through activities and games
  • It's important to remember that kids aren't just small adults. Their bodies are still developing, and we don't want to make things too difficult at this early age
  • The main aim is for children to develop a love for team sport
  • Children’s attention can wane easily.  Mix up your coaching sessions with quick exercises and games

There are some excellent coaching resources provided by Woolworths NetSetGo.  Head to our coaching NetSetGo section for more information!

NetSetGo Team Managers

NetSetGo Team Managers

A NetSetGo team manager is a team member’s parent or guardian.  It’s a lot of fun and the NetSetGoer is always proud that their parent is the manager.  As a manager you should support the team and coach in the following way:

  • At the beginning of the season attend the Managers Meeting and pick up the training kit
  • Bring the kit bag to training and games
  • Make sure the balls are pumped for training and games
  • Prepare the playing rotation roster for each game
  • Ensure that the score sheet is picked up and returned to the NSNA office (it is only your responsibility when Roseville is on the left hand side of the schedule, otherwise it is the opposing team's responsibility)
  • In between game quarters ensure that all players are given their drink bottles to rehydrate
  • Participate in the club’s NSG Manager’s WhatsApp group
  • Pass on any club communication to the rest of your team.  Many managers created their own What’s App team group
  • Inform the club of any forfeits 
NetSetGo Umpires

NetSetGo Umpires

During a NetSetGo game there is only one umpire on the court.  It is Roseville’s responsibility to provide an umpire when Roseville is listed on the left hand side of the competition schedule, otherwise it is the opposing team’s responsibility.  

NetSetGo is umpired using modified rules.  The modified rules should be used by umpires as they umpire the game and allow for participants to learn and refine skills while experiencing success. 

For example, players new to NetSetGo can be given up to 5 seconds to pass the ball.  Throughout the 3 years of NetSetGo players will become more confident the time.  Then the time pass the ball should be shortened so that by the time the team is playing Juniors they know they must pass the ball within 3 seconds.

A NetSetGo umpire can act as coach whilst umpiring.  It is important to give direction to the players so that the game can flow.  For example, if a side line throw is being taken in the defensive third by the defending team, the umpire should direct the GK to take the throw.  

For more tips and resources on NetSetGo umpiring head to our Umpiring NetSetGo page

NetSetGo Parents

NetSetGo Parents

Yay - you’ve signed up your child to Roseville NetSetGO and they are super excited. BUT you don't quite know what you have got yourself into and that's okay.  Here are some tips for the NetSetGo parent:

  • NetSetGo is a chance to learn the netball basics, to get outside and make some friends.
  • For a lot of the kids, this is the first time they’ll pick up a netball or put on a bib.  It’s learning experience
  • NetSetGo is completely inclusive.  No child is turned away
  • We want to instill confidence into every child and to develop their skill safely
  • NetSetGo is the gateway to Junior netball

Woolworths NetSetGo provides an excellent resource for parents.  You can find it here


Further information regarding NetSetGo can be obtained from the Woolworths NetSetGo website

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