Juniors Netball

Junior netball for children aged 10 to 15 years old

  • Players turning 10+ in the current year
  • Players new to netball are welcome – we will train you up!
  • Training on a Monday afternoon for 1 hour, between 4pm – 6.30pm, at Small St Willoughby Courts
  • All team coaches and umpires are organised by the Club
  • 10s/11s play on a Friday afternoon
  • 12s play either Friday evening or Saturday morning – depending on the grade (A grade early Sat morning all other grades Friday evening after 6pm)
  • 13s and above play on Saturday
  • Teams are graded as it provides the best option for players to ramp up their netball skills
  • For 16s+ you can play in a social team – a great way to keep in touch with your friends as you move to senior high school years
Junior Grading Process

Junior Grading Process

Roseville Netball Club grades all junior players. This is to ensure all our players have the best possible experience playing netball. Grading enables us to place your child in a team of similar abilities who will play against other teams of similar abilities thus giving everyone a fair go.

We realise that everyone matures and develops skills at different times – this is why grading is so important. It is a requirement that all juniors attend their allocated grading session.  Head over to the Roseville Calendar for grading dates and times.  

For a more detailed outline of our grading procedures, please read the Roseville Netball Club Grading Guidelines.

FAQ – Grading

  • Q: What if my daughter is put into a team without her friends?

    A: This can be daunting, but no more daunting than starting a new sport, changing schools or even starting a new year at her existing school!  We ask that you have faith in the system and support your daughter to branch out and get to know her new teammates.  By week 4 you might find your daughter has made her new best friend! The grading system is all about making sure your daughter gets the most out of her netball season by playing with people at a similar stage.

  • Q: What are my responsibilities as a parent for grading?

    A: Grading is compulsory.  You need to make sure you can bring your daughter to the published grading session.  Players need to arrive on time and in sports gear.  Bring a bag with water and a small snack just in case.

  • Q: Help! My daughter is injured and will not be fit to play at the grading day.

    A: All is not lost! Your daughter will still have a Coaches Evaluation Report, an Independent Assessment and a Paper grading.  Once you provide a medical certificate, we can use these to place her into an appropriate team.

  • Q: What if my daughter cannot attend her grading session?

    A: Grading times are published at the time of registration to give you plenty of time to block out your calendar.  If, due to exceptional circumstances, your daughter cannot attend the allocated session, please email the grading co-ordinator as soon as possible. Your daughter may be asked to attend another age group session.

Junior Managers

Junior Managers

A Junior team manager is a team member’s parent or guardian.  As a manager you should support the team and coach in the following way:

  • At the beginning of the season attend the Managers Meeting and pick up the training kit
  • Bring the kit bag to training and games
  • Make sure the balls are pumped for training and games
  • Keep the competition ball separate from training balls and ensure that it is used only for games
  • Ensure that the score sheet is picked up and returned to the NSNA office (it is only your responsibility when Roseville is on the left hand side of the schedule, otherwise it is the opposing team's responsibility)
  • In between game quarters ensure that all players are given their drink bottles to rehydrate
  • Participate in the club’s RNC Junior Manager’s WhatsApp group
  • Pass on any club communication to the rest of your team.  Many managers created their own What’s App team group
  • Inform the club of any forfeits 
  • Care for our umpire.  If they are having difficulties with players or spectators contact the NSNA umpire convenor at the office during the game
  • Thank your umpire after the game 

To become a Roseville Netball team manager head to PlayHQ   

  • Log in or register a new account in Play HQ. 
  • Registration Tabs 
    • Choose User: Choose the person who is going to be the manager 
    • Choose Role: Choose “Team Manager” from the roles offered 
    • Participant Details: Enter the team manager details  

Team Manager Registration

Junior Parents

Junior Parents

Thank you for supporting your child in team sport.  It is wonderful to keep our Junior players participating in netball as they grow into adolescence.  Did you know that teenage girls drop out of sport twice as fast as teenage boys?  Here are some tips to best support your child in their netball:

  • Nurture increasing independence- things like checking their own schedule, sending their own emails, packing their own bag
  • Go to netball games with family, friends, teammates or watch together on the television
  • Help your child make positive food choices
  • Support and motivate their child and/or the team
  • Reinforce positive aspects of sports participation


Let's Play Nice

Let's Play Nice

The behaviour of some parents can be challenging when they:

  • get carried away on the sidelines - leading to intimidating, aggressive, threatening or abusive behaviour towards their own or other young people, coaches, officials or other parents/spectators
  • have a ‘win at all costs’ approach to their child’s participation in sport
  • are verbally or physically abusive towards their own or other young people during or following competitions
  • make negative comments about their child or other young people’s efforts, or mock and humiliate them
  • threaten or fight with coaches, officials or other spectators
  • contradict the advice of the coach

Here you can find more information on how to better support your daughter
or more information on how to fuel your child for netball

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