Injuries & Insurance

If a player is injured at Northern Suburbs Netball during a Friday night match, Saturday match or NSG Sunday morning match, please ensure the First Aid Officer is notified. If the matter proceeds to requiring medical attention of any nature, the incident will have been logged in the NSNA records.

The player or umpire may, depending on the nature of injury, need to complete an insurance form (the link to which is below). This form needs to be signed by an Executive Member of NSNA preferably the Junior Registrar, Senior Registrar or Secretary providing they were present at the grounds on the date the injury occurred. In the event that none of these are available, any Executive Comittee member (who was present at the courts on the day the injury occurred) can sign the form.

Insurance is provided by V-Insurance Group

To download a Certificate of Currency (as required by the schools we use for training) please visit the V-Insurance Group Website.

For information on how to make a claim please click here

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