Grading Process

NetSetGo players (7-9 years) are not graded. These players are placed into teams with a friend.

Players from 10 years and up are graded according to ability.

There are a number of steps involved to grade each player:

  1. Coaches’ Evaluation Report – at the end of each season, each coach completes an evaluation report for each player.
  2. Independent Assessment – during the season, Roseville Netball Club selectors will attend a game and observe and record each individual player’s performance..
  3. Paper grading – the Coaches Evaluation Report and the Independent Assessment are used to place the players in “Grading Squads” for the practical grading session.
  4. Practical grading session – during organised grading days, selectors observe each girls play. They then  use the information gathered from the Coaches’ Evaluation Report, Independent Assessment, Paper grading and Practical grading session to select teams balanced with players of similar ability.

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