FAQ – Grading

Q: What if my daughter is put into a team without her friends?

A: This can be daunting, but no more daunting than starting a new sport, changing schools or even starting a new year at her existing school!  We ask that you have faith in the system and support your daughter to branch out and get to know her new teammates.  By week 4 you might find your daughter has made her new best friend! The grading system is all about making sure your daughter gets the most out of her netball season by playing with people at a similar stage.

Q: What are my responsibilities as a parent for grading?

A: Grading is compulsory.  You need to make sure you can bring your daughter to the published grading session.  Players need to arrive on time and in sports gear.  Bring a bag with water and a small snack just in case.

Q: Help! My daughter is injured and will not be fit to play at the grading day.

A: All is not lost!  Your daughter will still have a Coaches Evaluation Report, an Independent Assessment and a Paper grading.  Once you provide a medical certificate, we can use these to place her into an appropriate team.

Q: What if my daughter cannot attend her grading session?

A: Grading times are published at the time of registration to give you plenty of time to block out your calendar.  If, due to exceptional circumstances, your daughter cannot attend the allocated session, please email the grading co-ordinator as soon as possible. Your daughter may be asked to attend another age group session.

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