Grading Guidelines

The Club endeavours to place each Junior player (10 years and over) into a team that best reflects their ability in an effort to provide the player with an environment in which they can be both at ease and challenged.

Through grading, all Junior players have an equal opportunity to display their skills and play to their full potential.

Grading is the physical trial players take part in before experienced selectors.  It allows the selectors to assess the skill development and potential compared to other players within the same age group. Players are then ranked in order of ability and placed into teams as numbers dictate.

Grading is conducted each year and players are considered as individuals rather than in a particular team and graded into teams with players of similar ability. Grading each year is the fairest way of providing for the progression of development in each individual and ensuring that each player is provided with the environment that best suits their ability.

Attendance at Grading Day sessions is essential for the fairest assessment of the player’s ability in comparison to all others in the same age group. Not attending grading results in the player being paper graded ie. selectors past knowledge of the player and the player’s history is used for the determination.

The previous year’s coaches report is used in conjunction with the physical grading to assist the selectors.

The process of grading is that players are watched by a minimum of two, usually three, highly experienced selectors who are from within the club or sourced externally in insufficient Roseville selectors are available. Players trial in two nominated positions and possibly other positions as requested by the selectors. A balance of positions is taken into consideration when forming the teams. The number of teams graded is dependent on the number of registered players in each group.

Parents and players need to be aware that players may not be in the same team from year to year. This is to allow for each player’s differing skill progression.

By registering with RNC and participating in grading, players and parents accept that the process  has been fair to all players and that the final decision of placement rests with the selectors. Players will only be moved from the graded team in the event of numbers in higher teams changing. Any dispute of grading placements must be submitted in writing to the Club Secretary within 48 hours of being posted online. Please state all the reasons for the dispute.

Teams are posted on the RNC website once all ages and grading days have been completed.

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