Coaches Roles and Responsibilities

Thank you for offering to coach a Netball team.  To assist you in your role as coach we have compiled the following list of roles and responsibilities. This list is not exhaustive, so if you have any other information that might make next year’s coaches’ job easier, please let us know!

Before the season starts

  • You will be contacted by the Coaching Convenor to determine the times you are available to coach. The junior teams have their training sessions on a Monday afternoon from 4 – 5 pm, 5 – 6pm or 6 -7pm at the Small Street Willoughby netball courts.
  • If you are a parent volunteer coaching a Net Set GO team you need to liase with your team members and manager to determine a time for a 45 – minute training session each week to be held at Roseville Public School or Castle Cove Public School.
  • Give team members and manager your contact details (including your email address and mobile phone number)
  • Bookmark the season draw on the NSNA website
  • If you are over 18 ensure you have completed your WWCC and given your number to the Coaching Convenor.
  • If you are coaching a graded team you must complete the Online Foundation Coaching Course developed by Netball NSW and provide evidence of completion to the Coaching Convenor. RNC will reimburse the cost of completing this course.Copy and Paste the following link into your browser to access instructions.

Once the season is underway

  • Ensure all players experience equal time on the court over the season
  • Rotational rosters will be dependent on the number of players in your team. Sample rosters are available from the Northern Suburbs Netball Association.
  • NetSetGo players MUST be rotated to different positions throughout the course of the game and score sheets must record who plays what position for each game. Please contact the RNC NetSetGo Convenor if you require more information.
  • Graded players should be playing in positions of strength. Be aware that these may change as the season progresses and the players develop so be flexible.
  • Reinforce with your team that you are in charge of the rotation and they are not to ask for specific positions on game day as this is a waste of precious feedback time between quarters.
  • At the completion of each quarter you are expected to discuss the strengths of the play that has taken place and point out areas where the players can improve. Do not call out instructions during the game. (In Net Set Go the coach is the only person who can provide instruction from the side-line)
  • It is recommended that you keep a record of who has played in what positions for easy reference and it does help some teams to know their playing positions prior to game day.

At training

  • Absolutely no mobile phones to be used during training sessions.
  • Prepare a training session that includes strengthening exercises, ball skills, attacking and shooting skills, defensive skills and game skills each session – the Coaching Convenor will be checking your preparation notes and they must be written down as you cannot access your phone during training time.
  • Begin each training session with knee strengthening exercises and warm up drills
  • Arrive 10min before to get organised
  • Start with a fun game until all players arrive
  • Use whistle – sparingly – short sharp bursts
  • Stop bad behaviour before it starts, always be consistent with discipline, never make idle threats – always carry through! If behaviour becomes problematic let the Coaching Convenor know.
  • Use plenty of positive reinforcement
  • Keep the drills short, especially with NetSetGo
  • Use a favourite drill of theirs to get them more focused
  • Do not repeat the same drills week after week – there must be some progression
  • Use different drills to practise the same skill
  • Keep the groups small so there is lots of ball handling
  • Use as many parents as possible to assist – many will not know what to do – give them a photo copy of the drill you want them to do, swap groups around, keep parent on same drill
  • Finish with a fun minor game so the last thing they remember about netball is fun
  • Complete a brief warm down
  • Remind team of time and place of weekend game and check that all players will be present
  • Remind players to trim nails and remove jewellery/watches for training AND games
  • Have children gather up equipment – balls and markers
  • Pull team together for a concluding chat – discuss things learnt at training and time and place of next game
  • For coaching drills and tips, please use the links provided in this section
  • Coaching material is also available from the RNC Coaching Convenor

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