Coaching NetSetGo

Thank you for putting up your hand to assist in developing the skills of our NetSetGoers! There is some great content to assist you to ensure that your players have fun at training and during the game.


As a NSG coach you have a number of responsibilities.  

  • Give team members and manager your contact details (including your email address and mobile phone number) 
  • Bookmark the season draw on the NSNA website 
  • If you are over 18 ensure you have completed your WWCC and given your number to the Coaching Convenor 
  • At the end of season prepare a coaching report and send to the NSG convenor 

During the season here are some tips to remember:

  • Ensure all players experience equal time on the court over the season
  • NetSetGo players MUST be rotated to different positions throughout the course of the game Please contact the RNC NetSetGo Convenor if you require more information
  • At the completion of each quarter you should discuss the strengths of the play that has taken place and point out areas where the players can improve. 
  • It is recommended that you keep a record of who has played in what positions for easy reference and it does help some teams to know their playing positions prior to game day

To become a Roseville Netball NetSetGo coach head to PlayHQ   

  • Log in or register a new account in Play HQ. 
  • Registration Tabs 
    • Choose User: Choose the person who is going to be the coach 
    • Choose Role: Choose “Coach” from the roles offered 
    • Participant Details: Enter the coach details

Coach Registration 

Coaching Resources

Woolworths NetSetGO have created 3 tiers of coaching guides. These tiers will help coaches run age and skill level appropriate activities for their kids, maximising their engagement in the program. Please note that progression through the tiers is based predominantly on the skill level and changing needs of the participants (i.e. not restricted by age ranges).

NetSetGo Training Videos can be found here, if session planning content is what you’re after then you can find it here! Net 1, Net 2, Set 1, Set 2 and Pre-Juniors coaching session guide OR you can build your own session plans!

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