Coaching Juniors

Thank you for helping foster a love of netball to our Junior players.  Coaches are at the centre of all player development.  You play an important role ensuring that our girls continue to love our teamsport.

As a Junior coach you have a number of responsibilities.  

  • Work with our Coaching convenor and determine and inform them of the time you are available to coach on at Bicentennial Reserve on Monday from 4pm – 7pm.  
  • Bookmark the season draw on the NSNA website
  • Inform the coaching convenor if you are not able to make any training session or game times
  • If you are over 18 ensure you have completed your WWCC and given your details to the Coaching Convenor.
  • You will need to complete the Online Foundation Coaching Course developed by Netball NSW and provide evidence of completion to the Coaching Convenor. RNC will reimburse the cost of completing this course
  • Sign a letter of agreement and send to the Coaching Convenor.  You can see a sample on the RNC website and you will be required to sign a paper copy prior to the season.
  • At the end of season prepare a coaching report and send to the coaching convenor

To become a Roseville Netball Club coach head to PlayHQ   

  • Log in or register a new account in Play HQ. 
  • Registration Tabs 
    • Choose User: Choose the person who is going to be the coach 
    • Choose Role: Choose “Coach” from the roles offered 
    • Participant Details: Enter the coach details

Coach Registration 

Game Day Tips

  • Ensure all players experience equal time on the court over the season
  • Players should be playing in positions of strength. Be aware that these may change as the season progresses and the players develop so be flexible
  • Reinforce with your team that you are in charge of the rotation and they are not to ask for specific positions on game day as this is a waste of precious feedback time between quarters
  • At the completion of each quarter you are expected to discuss the strengths of the play that has taken place and point out areas where the players can improve. 
  • Do not call out instructions during the game
  • It is recommended that you keep a record of who has played in what positions for easy reference and it does help some teams to know their playing positions prior to game day

RNC Coaching Rates

We know your time and experience level is valuable.  Roseville Netball Club reimburses you for dedicating time to our players.  We also incentivise you to progress your coaching skills through formalised accreditation with NSNA and Netball NSW

Coaching Accredidation Hourly Rate
Assistant Coach/working towards accreditation $15
Foundation $25
Development $30
Intermediate $40
Advanced $50
Elite & High Performance $60

Additional Information

You can find any additional information you’re seeking here

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