Committee Roles

Executive Committee (Office Bearers)


Role – to ensure the efficient running of all operations of the club.


  • To be well informed of all club activities.
  • Plan for the future of the club.
  • To have a good working knowledge of the club constitution, club rules, insurance cover and duties of all office holders.
  • Club representative at local, regional and state levels (ultimate responsibility lies with the President)
  • To manage and chair executive and annual general meetings.

Vice President

Role – To support and mentor all committee members in the efficient performance of their roles


  • NSNA delegate
  • Executive Committee Member
  • Oversee smooth running of and provide assistance for all levels of the club machine
  • Co-ordinate Night Competition for adult club members if required
  • Provide support and guidance to all club members where issues may arise


Role – Administrator of the club providing coordination links between members, club executive and NSNA


  • Maintain a file of all relevant contact details (eg. Insurance, Website, etc.)
  • Keep Club Managers abreast of all club and team matters
  • Attend to all mail  – postal and email
  • Ensure all replies to correspondence are prompt
  • Co-ordinate all contact with NSNA on team and club issues
  • Attend NSNA meetings and brief club exec, and club members where needed
  • Executive Committee Member


Role – Responsible for the financial management of the club.


  • Maintain accurate records of current income and expenditure
  • Ensure monies received are banked correctly
  • Making all payments and keeping records
  • To be the signatory on club cheques (with at least one other person)
  • Prepare regular bank account reconciliations
  • Prepare budgets for forthcoming year describing potential sources of income and expenditure
  • Prepare annual financial accounts for auditing
  • Pursue outstanding member’s fees
  • Executive Committee Member


Role – to ensure the club fulfils all its obligations regarding player registrations.


  • To ensure the complete and accurate maintenance of club membership for the season
  • Maintain a database of current and past club members, how many members, contact details, membership fees paid/not paid
  • To manage start of season registrations for new and existing members
  • To provide Grading Convenor with full lists of each age group at the appropriate time
  • To ensure all registrations are with the appropriate bodies by the due date  – NSNA
  • To advise the Treasurer of members with outstanding club fees
  • To acquire team lists from Grading Convenor once teams finalised
  • To provide secretary with full team lists and relevant contact information

General Committee

Umpires Convenor/s

Role – to organise the weekly roster for umpire duty for all RNC games and to provide support and guidance to all junior umpires as well as new NSG umpires


  • Co-ordinate roster for umpires for the season
  • Liaise with UCS to ensure appropriate placement of umpires
  • Liaise with NSNA re acquisition of “levels” for junior umpires
  • Provide information re training for all junior umpires
  • Support junior umpires on game days and give direction where needed
  • Assist NSG Umpires where needed with regards to Umpire courses and information

Grading Convenor

Role – to ensure a fair and impartial grading of players into teams at start of season


  • Recruit Graders for pre-season trials
  • Organise trials
  • Allocate players to teams
  • Oversee player support over season

Coaching Convenor

Role – to provide support and guidance to all coaches over the season


  • Organise Coaches for teams at beginning of season
  • Liaise with Coaches at beginning and during season
  • Support Coaches with respect to team issues over the season
  • Provide guidance and assistance to coaches over the season
  • Ensure all coaches have appropriate training tools ie manuals and gear

Net-Set-Go Convenor

Role – to provide support and guidance to NSG coaches over the season


  • Organisation of NSG coaching
  • NSG Training day at beginning of season
  • Liaise with NSNA on NSG issues
  • Provide support for NSG Coaches
  • Advise and co-ordinate participation in NSG Gala Days

Net-Set-Go Assistant Convenors

Role – to provide support and guidance to NSG convenor over the season


  • Be the main point of contact for all communication regarding the club and NSG with players from each school
  • Communicating the details of grounds duty to each team and ensuring participation on the days

Equipment & Uniform Manager 

Role – to maintain and acquire stock for netball season


  • Organise the acquisition of equipment for training and games
  • Liaise with the external supplier of uniform items at the beginning of each season
  • Organise stocktake at end of season

Social Convenor/s

Role – to ensure the social aspect of the club is welcoming of new members and supportive of existing members


  • Organise the Presentation Day at end of Season
  • Arrange for the Club Photos
  • Co-ordinate end of season trophies, certificates and gifts
  • Liaise with Team Managers to upload posts / photos and other information to the Club’s Facebook page

IT & Website Co-ordinator

Role – to ensure that the website is a vital information hub for all club members


  • Manage the RNC website and all that that entails
  • Keep up to date and keep as a useful resource for all club members
  • Co-ordinate other users of the website ie. Umpire Convenor, Registrar
  • Liaise with committee members to acquire information
  • Liaise with Social Convenor regarding Facebook uploads if required



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